12565581_1095068880533603_1102967727481094907_nWhen I was a very young boy I had a paper route that required me to be up very early, be outside in the weather (rain, snow, cold and heat). It taught me at an early age to be a hard worker, show up on time and how to operate a small business. After graduating high school I was only 18 and had a manager position with a food chain (Wendy’s). This taught me how to work with other people, many older than me.

I then went to work for a hardware chain, was in a management position and this led to my interest in home improvements.  I was also going to technical college and obtained a two year degree. This gave me the knowledge of computers and a basic understanding of electricity and communications.

I started my Home Inspection business in 2001 and did my first fee paid inspection in 2002. Since then I have completed over 3500 General Home Inspections. I love working with people and helping them understand there prospective or current homes. I am always early, dedicated to my profession and have a strong work ethic that I obtained at an early age. I am actively fit and do not mind the cold, snow, heat and will get on roofs, in attics and enter crawlspaces if safe to do so.



I love animals and have a dog named Maggie, she is the loyal pup and is my best friend. As most dogs she loves to “ride in the car” or “walk outside”. It is always nice to come home and have Maggie meet me at the door. When I inspect clients homes it is best the owner take care of the pets as there are some people that are allergic or are not pet friendly.


I am a big fan of High School sports and I am proud to be a St Basil parishioner. My son Tyler plays for the St Basil Bobcats in the (CYO) Catholic Charities Diocese of Cleveland basketball program. I enjoy watching these young athletes play the game.  The CYO program promotes the values of Dignity of Person, Hope, Service and Justice to all those whom we come in contact with each day. The games are very entertaining and it is a good way to socialize with other parents and athletes.