What is Infrared Thermography?

Infrared Thermography, also called infrared thermal imaging, is the technique of making a thermal image of an object’s natural heat emissions using non-contact methods. Please contact me at 440-225-0884 to schedule your Thermal scan and energy assessment.

My Infrared camera assists me with locating potential defects that other inspectors not using this technology may miss. This is why I utilize an infrared camera on most types of inspections. (See service pages)

Energy assesssments  Infrared thermal imaging Cleveland Ohio

The photo and image above indicate air infiltration at the exterior door and loss of energy. Increased energy expenses will occur costing more to heat (and cool) the home.

Infrared Certified ThermographerI am Infrared Certified 

Proper training is needed to provide accurate information. The infrared camera is only as good as the thermographer using it!! There are many different types of cameras some as cheap as $200 and others as expensive as 25 thousand dollars or more. I use a camera that exceeds the minimum standards and uses MSX (Multi-Spectral Dynamic) technology for easier interpretation of an image.

Anomalies can occur from improper temperature differences, reflections and different building materials (called emissivity). It is critical for the thermographer to provide accurate information. This is why a second tool is often used to confirm defects, dmacy_certificate-1 especially for moisture intrusion. The camera measure the surface temperatures of the building materials, is not X ray vision (can not see through clothes and walls) and can locate defects that normal vision can’t see.

Building Enclosure Uses

  • Insulation – To ascertain (find (something) out for certain; make sure of) that the insulation is installed properly and in good condition.
  • Moisture Investigations– Infrared cameras detect thermal patterns that maybe associated with moisture.
  • Air Leakage – To locate air leakage , that can lead to increased energy costs, reducing comfort levels and generally economical to correct.

These are only a few of the many uses of thermography. A energy assessment can save the occupants money and provide a more comfortable home. Please contact me at 440-225-0884 to schedule your Thermal scan and energy assessment.